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slob, boxes and flowers to donate

My friend Deborah decided it was time to declutter her house.             And who did she turn to?            Her own personal decluttering expert- me!        Of course!

How did I become a de-cluttering expert??         By de-cluttering so much,    that’s how!

All of my family and friends know I have de-cluttered endlessly.         And    ruthlessly, lately.       Remember my yearbooks???           Nobody could believe I did that!!

Anyway, now that Deborah was ready to de-clutter, she reached out to me.        Of course, I was more than happy to help.

We’ve had only 1 session so far, our schedules seem to conflict a lot.            But it was so amazingly fruitful!!

Look at everything she let go!!!!!

slob, humor, jewelry box
Aww, jewelry box, buh bye!
slob, humor, more boxes


slob, boxes and flowers to donateslob, flowers to donate






So proud of you, my friend!!   

PS; Deborah was the inspiration for the 2 ferret funnies!  

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  1. With our move from Arizona back to Southern California….major decluttering (and we didn’t think we had that much since we just went through this process 5 years ago moving from So Cal to AZ…wrong!!!)
    It is very freeing……….have a great weekend!

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