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Okay, back to the back yard.         We have 5 kinds of fruit trees!

The first kind is Avocado Tree.    slob,food,our avocados

 (affiliate link)            Our first avocado harvest!

PP helped me harvest.     

By harvest, I mean picking them up off the ground!        The tree is too tall to pick them, so we have to wait till they fall.        (And usually they fall because a squirrel has tasted them.       Eh, wash ’em, and cut that part off!          Ain’t gonna kill ya!)

 Now, I’m not a super fan of avocado, but I did eat one.

slob, humor, avocado saladI know, they’re the same color as the greens, but look close.  The avocados are kinda yellowish.

But mostly, I gave them away to friends, and relatives.

Next, we have 2 Persimmon Trees, which are bursting with persimmons right now.   (Affiliate link)

slob, humor, persimmon

I gotta say, these are not my favorite fruits.           Sorta sweet, but kinda tart!

Sometimes the tart outweighs the sweet!           But the deeper orange they are, the more ripe, and the sweeter.

These trees are shorter, so PP can actually reach the fruit.       So much fun for her to pick!

I ate 1, and CC ate a part of one.        I made sure to give her the darkest orange one I could find!          And she smiled, so she liked it!

(Insert smiley face baby, with a persimmon in her hand here.)

Let’s see if I can find a pic of one of those, since I can’t show you the actual CC.

Oh my goodness!       You really can find anything on Google!!

slob, food, baby eating persimmon








My Grandma had a persimmon tree in her front yard.     And I know she did stuff with them, I just can’t remember what, or eating any of it.

Mama said, “Make pudding.”          Aunt Pat said, “Make jelly.”

Oh, sure, I’ll just whip those right up!!             Do they know me???           Besides, who can cook  in the midst of all this clutter???

Well, this post is getting kinda longish, so I’ll save the other 3 fruits for another day.

See ya!


A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

slob, humor, fire pit
Peaceful to watch!

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