Kirt’s Kindness

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Just after I sent off a big load to Salvation Army, I came inside to see this comment from Kirt:

“With our move from Arizona back to Southern California….major decluttering (and we didn’t think we had that much since we just went through this process 5 years ago moving from So Cal to AZ…wrong!!!)
It is very freeing……….have a great weekend!”

I had to laugh.        It is SO very freeing!!         And I am having a good weekend!       (Even tho I’m sick.)       Donating is Always fun!          Sadly, I forgot to take pix of any of it.        I was too busy marking off those chart boxes, as DH loaded up boxes, then the truck!   (affiliate link)       Also, gonna claim being sick had my head too foggy to think straight.       Yeah, that’s my story!            And sticking to it!!

Kirt is a wonderful artist!!         Go to his website, and see for yourself. 

He also has a blog, that I follow.         His pictures of his travels are gorgeous!

Here’s some to enjoy.

humor, Kirt's art, flamingo
One Step At A Time Abstract Flamingo
Kirt's art, lighthouse
Cape Blanco lighthouse
Kirt's art, palm trees

A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

slob, humor, fire pit
Peaceful to watch!

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