Lemon Lime

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Well, now you know 3 & 4 of our fruit trees!!

We have 1 lemon, and 1 lime.      And it’s really hard to distinguish them!!    How do you tell when a lime is ripe?????

My funny Sis, Michelle, said, “When they turn green!”         Thanks, goofy!

I have a suspicion that the one on the bottom is the lemon.

slob, food, lemon & lime

But until a few days ago, all fruit on both trees were green!          (Turns out, it was an orange!!)

I can’t wait to make some home grown Lemonade !!      (affiliate link)   That I will do!

And some Key Lime pie!  (affiliate link)        Oh yeah, really??        You will not!            Yes I will!!                  Okay, no I won’t.        But I’ll gladly pick them, and take to Mama to make pies!!

BTW, are they still key limes, if they are only grown in FL, but not the keys??          I need to look that up!

And last, but not least, we have a blood orange tree.         My mouth is already watering for those!!      But they are still small, and green.         I have confidence tho, that I’ll be able to tell when they’re ripe!!

Here’s a pic of a ripe blood orange:

slob, food, blood orange

So, that’s the end of our mini orchard.         We’re farmers now y’all!!

A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

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Peaceful to watch!

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  1. Please wait ’till I post a recipe for limonnik – it’s much easier to make, and it doesn’t really matter whether you are growing lemons or limes. Oranges wouldn’t hurt, either.
    P.S. No, it’s not a key lime pie if it’s not made with key limes; they are much sweeter.

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