More Moving, Melinda

slob, 5/5 pie chart

We moved.         Yes, again.            September 1st.

Our new place is named “Peaceful”.         Thank you, great “namer” PP!

Sadly, Joy House was NOT our forever home.          🙁

But, there are excellent reasons why we had to move, again. 

The girls’ mental and emotional health were suffering so much, from being separated from us.         I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’ve lived with PP 3/5 of her life.     

slob, 5/5 pie chart

(The green part is when she lived with Mommy and Daddy, almost 2 years.      The black part is the last 4 months away from Pop, and me.)

And CC for half of hers.

To restore their peace of mind, and emotional health, was the very best of reasons to move, DH and I felt.        Now, the girls truly are peaceful again.

Well worth the time, expense and effort of moving.         Which I hate, but would do 99 thousand more times, for the girls’ sake.

Not gonna say never this time either.       But PLEASE God, let us stay here!!

At least for the year’s length of the lease!!

slob, planetary orbits

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    1. How close to the girls?? We all moved in together again. Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t say that!!
      How close to you?? Not any closer. 🙁
      Closer to the sun?? Hopefully not any closer!! lol But with these record highs, I think we did move a million miles closer!!

      1. hahaha I just did a graphing lesson and Miami, FL has seen a considerable increase in the number of days per year at or above 90 degrees!

        Glad you were able to work it out and be with them! I wasn’t sure if you moved in or were just closer. My niece lives across the street from her parents (my brother). She says she can’t imagine living with them, across the street is close enough. I have a friend who lives next door to her brother and their parents live about 3 houses down the street. Their kids were always running to someone’s house!

        1. I believe it! Global warming should be re-named FL warming! 😉
          Yeah, sorry I didn’t make it clear in the post! And I appreciate you asking, so I could fix that!
          I just wish she could afford to live by herself!! Next door would be perfect!! That’s so neat
          that it works like that for your family!

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