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slob,humor, Peaceful house

I know you’re just all agog to see Peaceful, our new house!!

View from the road:

slob,humor, Peaceful house

This is an old pic. That big bush is chopped down, now.I love how far back it’s set off the road.  So does DH.        All it lacks is a garage, or Shed.  (affliate link)

Right Side yard:slob, humor, side yard

So spacious, and grassy!!        The bushes form the “Fence” (affiliate link) between us and the neighbors.  I think there’s chain link under there somewhere.

Back yard:

slob, humor, backyard

A fire pit has been added.           slob, humor, fire pit

Peaceful to watch!               So handy for burning old files!!

Right side of the huge porch, featuring the front door into the living room:

slob, humor, porch

Left side of porch, from carport, into kitchen:

slob, humor, left side porch

You can see the laundry room door, where the half bath is.         So wonderful to have 2 pottys again!!        Very needed at times!

The house is on a double lot, which explains the humongus yard!       So nice for letting the girls roam and play!!         As long as we can see them!!


slob, humor, kitchen
I really like the old cabinets.     There’s so much light, they don’t make it dark at all.

When we walked in, DD1 was immediately excited about the dishwasher!

The original hardwood floors in the living/dining room, hall, and both bedrooms are one         of my favorite parts of Peaceful!

Look it the cute bathroom!

slob, humor, pink bath

And notice the shell sink!

The hexagon tiles on the floor are pale white & black.

DH never wanted another purple bathroom, so now he has pink!!        Lol!!       

But he hasn’t complained!!

In the backyard we have 5 kinds of fruit trees!          

We love this house.        Hopefully it stays Peaceful, and we live here a loooong time.     I can always hope!               You know us, no promises though.

A Peaceful post.         (I so wish I could show you the girls with their huge grins!!)

slob, humor, fire pit
Peaceful to watch!

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