Awe-ful Autumn

humor, dead pine

Did you just call autumn awful??     No, I didn’t!     I said, “Awe-ful!”      Full of awe!       Oh.

Who says FL’s leaves don’t change??        They certainly do!

Case in point:

humor, dead pine

Ummmm, that’s a dead tree.        And??         Dead tree leaves don’t count as changing!

Well, they most certainly did change!

Okay then, how about this one?

humor, color in tree















Those are flowers, and fruits on a CHINESE LANTERN tree, not leaves!          The yella things are the flowers, and the pink things are the fruits. (affiliate link)

PP provided me with the fruit:

slob, Chinese Lantern fruit

Thank you, sweetie!

Then, of course we had to look inside!

slob, Chinese Lantern seeds

Seeds!!      It IS a fruit!

Oh, okay.        This is my final attempt to prove we do have changing leaves here in FL.

changing oak leaf  

Oh, alright, you proved your point.         We do have some changing leaves here in Fl.

Thanks, Oak) leaf for your support!!    (affiliate link)

Autumn is awe-full!!      And God is an awesome artist!



    1. Hi Susie, Well, it’s just that people always say, “We’re going to go see the leaves change.” And they go up to the Smoky Mountains, or somewhere. It hurts Florida’s feelings!! So I just wanted to prove that we have changing leaves too!
      Thank you, Susie!! You soothed my feelings!
      Love, Lucy

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