Cray-Cray Crazy

Aug. 26, 2014

DH swept Sat. night. So, on Sun. morning, all I had to do was mop. So, I did.  The living room, AND the FOY-YAH.  What? you don’t know what a foy-yah is? Foyer, for less fancy folks. Entry  for us crackers.

Right? How wild and crazy was that, that I mopped both??  I’m on a rampage!! What WILL I do next??  Nobody knows!!

This morning, I swept and mopped the living room , the entry AND THE KITCHEN!! I know, I should have posted the SIT DOWN warning for this one!

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Not me. But I picked it cuz of jammies’’ color! May be subject to copyright

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I even,  wait for it,  trashed a purple toilet rug.   (affiliate link)  One of those annoying contoured ones that always crumble up, and pose a tripping hazard. I can and have tripped over my own feet! I don’t need any help!    

How could I have trashed something PURPLE??? Believe you me, I agonized over it.  After a few tears, and a moment of silence, I walked away.  1 less thing in the house! Woot woot!

This is what it looked like.     (Since the beginning days of my blog, I’ve learned I can find a pix of nearly anything on earth!!)


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