DH’s Donations

slob, DH, videos

DH’s at it again!!    That man is on fire!     Not literally, thank God!!       He is decluttering hot and heavy, tho!

He’s tired of all his stuff being on the carport, exposed to all the weather!

Here’s one Tub slam full of vidoes, for instance.  (affiliate link)

slob, DH, videos  He’s regretfully sorting thru them.    He likes them all!    He wants to keep them all!      But, he realizes that leaving them outside may not be the optimal storage solution.

So, he’s letting them go.

Not the John Waynes tho!!        No way!     (affiliate link)

Here’s his donate pile tub.

slob, DH, donations

I’m so proud of him!!        He’s donating 3/4 of his stash  collection!!          That is amazing!

WTG, honey!!      {and no, the toes no goes!   😉  }


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