Grassy, Grassy Grass

slob, grassy patio

This is our patio, out back.      As you can see, it’s almost totally a grass patio!

slob, grassy patioslob, grassed over patio

But there are Pavers under there, I promise!  (affiliate link)      The way I took care of weeding that second big chunk was: by not weeding at all!           What???         You’re cray-cray!       I know it!

I put up their pool there, on 2 moving blankets! (affiliate link)

slob, humor, pool

Voila!        When we took it up, instantly “weeded”, ie; dead, grass.       Sure beats all the blood, sweat, and tears I put into weeding the rest of the patio!!

slob, dead grass

 Other parts of the grass/patio:

slob, patio by A/cslob, pile dead grass

Enough of that.         Onto the parts where I weeded:

slob, weeded spot

Okay, well, 1 part I’ve weeded.       If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Now, I’ve already spent about 5 hours weeding, and I’m exhausted.       Of course, I did it in 15 min increments over 2 weeks.      So, don’t feel too exceedingly sorry for me!    And I napped for hours after, every time.

But, that’s been over 3 weeks ago. I shudder to go out there tomorrow and see how much grass has grown back over all my hard work.

Can I just never go back out there again???



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