Goopy Goo

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Aug.27, 2014

As I swept the entry this morning, I saw some green goo by the door. It would not come up with the broom. Moral dilemma- do I just leave it there? Pretend I didn’t see it? Pick it up? Well, get this- I BENT OVER and picked it up!  Now, those of you who don’t know me personally don’t realize what a big deal this is!  Before beginning my recovery, I wouldn’t even have been sweeping, much less bending over to get something off the floor! I didn’t do anything previously. I mean, ANYTHING. (Well, I did put on my Muumuu , (affiliate link), but that was only because I didn’t want to get arrested! And it tired me out so much, I had to sit down all day to recover.)

So, there I have this green goo in my hand. What was it?  How did it get here?  Was it toxic?  Was it an alien life form that was going to take over my body, and make me do the dishes,cook, AND clean the toilets???

Naaah, it was only

slob, humor, play-doh

The hideous fiend!!

Wait, what????    Pudding Pop doesn’t even own any!  How do we have Play-Doh in the house?? (affiliate link)          We are lucky enough to be surrounded by kids, lots of kids, in all the apartments near us.           Thanks for sharing, kids.  Thanks a lot.  (Can you hear the sarcasm? Good, I thought it was only in my head.)

And yes, I swept the kitchen, and living room too.  And mopped.  Whew!


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