Never Neat Nightstand

slob, messy nightstand

I thought I had started writing this.    But looking at my drafts, nope!      Okey, dokey then!       Here we go.

My Night Stand is never….. can you guess??

Ding, ding, ding!     On the nose!

Here’s the start pic.

slob, messy nightstand
Never neat!

Literally a mess.     Even spilling onto the floor, in front of it!      ( I don’t know why my pix are so small lately.        Hmmm, and I probably won’t ever figure it out either, cuz my brain just doesn’t work that way.       Whatever!       Guess what??    What??      I just figured it out!        All by myself!!)


slob, messy nightstand
Never neat!

My setting was thumbnail.     And this is full size.       Go me!

Here’s a mid-way pic.

slob, even messier nightstand
Even worse!










This has been 3 weeks in the making.       Not much progress, huh?





Well, 1 roll of Toilet Paper went away.    Yay!       And the package between the bed and the nightstand is gone.   Double yay!         But everything else has gone downhill.       Waaaaay downhill!!

Lots of work to be done here, woman!          Get to work!

This is not going well.  It looks even worse now.     So, yeah….

There is going to have to be a part two of this post.          It’s truly living up to its name!

Sometime in the future……


  1. Dear Lucy
    I don’t know what to say- I thought we had gotten out of this stage. You are like me i think-procrastination and hoarding- nice combination. I worry about you.
    I was reading this book by Julia Cameron called ” Its never too late to begin”, and one of the activities she recommends for an ” Artist Date” is doing something by oneself without the phone or any sort of connectivity. Looking up Artist date on the net, I found one of the ideas for this was to do something you have been procrastinating about- how about setting an artist date with yourself and working on this for one hour today?
    Lots of love with worry,
    PS Praying for you

    1. Aw, Susie, don’t worry about me!! I promise my whole house is not a pigsty! Maybe still cluttered, and messy, but not a pigsty! lol
      Yep, we are a lot alike!! WE can improve!! That’s a great idea!! I will make a date with myself today!!
      Thanks for the prayers!! Always needed! I pray for you too!
      Love, Lucy

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