October’s Octagon

slob, humor, purple pumpkins

I really stepped it up this month!!       (See what I did there??)

I whipped July, August, AND September’s butts!!

52,313!     Yay, baby!

slob, humor, purple pumpkins

As a matter of fact, October was better than every month so far: except June.      Who was chasing me in June??

April total:  15,825

May total:  51,928

June total:  74,374

July total:   52,253

August total: 48,581

September total:  40,493      

October total: 52,313

Total total: 335,767     Wow!!     How much further will I go before New Year’s??

Brought to you by my new found non-hatred of walking.

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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