Step-tember Stepping

slob, purple toenails

Oh my goodness, here it is Oct 19, Nov. and I have not even written about Step-tember’s steps yet!     How does this always happen??

slob, purple toenails

(Not my feet!)

My phone says 292 for September.   

slob, Moto E 5 phone

Quit laughing!!        I can assure you, that is NOT correct!

I switched Phones, yes, again.   (affiliate link)     Mine shattered.       And forgot to get my steps count off it, before I turned it in to recycle.       Oopsie!

So, officially I can only add 292, to my year to date total.      Even tho that’s wrong, and makes me very mad at myself.

Maybe I could guesstimate??       I think that would be fair, if I average my month’s totals??           Yep, I think that’s what I will do.

April total:  15,825

May total:  51,928

June total:  74,374

July total:   52,253

August total: 48,581

September total:  40,493         (a fair guesstimate, I think) 

Total total: 283,454


Brought to you by my Birkenstocks, and better balance.    (affiliate link)

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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