Stink Stick

slob, stink bug

We took the girls to the children’s museum this morning. They had so much fun, as always!    They made 3 different kinds of art.       (This is not the important part of the post.)

slob, spray bottle painting
Crayola Spin Art                               (affiliate link)

slob, straw blowing art

The top 2 are self explanatory.      The bottom is straw blowing art.

Then we went to Barnett Park to play, and eat lunch.

(Still not the most important part.)

While we were eating, I felt something go down the back of my shirt.   (The important part!)      I stretched, and yelped.    Then asked DH to look, he answered, “I don’t see anything.”

When we got home, my back was still itchy, so I took off my shirt.

(The most important part!)       There was a stink bug on the inside of my T-shirt!!   

slob, stink bug

Stink bugs have prickles on them!        And they stink if you kill them!!

I knew there was something on my back!!

So, I captured it in Toilet Paper, and sent PP to let it go, in the wild.    (On the carport.)    (Affiliate link)      No stink bug stink in here, for me!!

Moral of the story:  if you know you have a bug in your shirt, always check for yourself!!


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