Table Task

slob, dining table

This is what the table looked like this morning, as I had breakfast.

slob, dining table

Yes, that’s Dana White’s Decluttering at the Speed of Life book.  (Affiliate link) That talks about decluttering.      On my table that needs decluttering.        Ironic, no?

After finishing my gourmet breakfast:  (buttered bread), I decided to take her advice, and declutter now.      Also, take it where it goes, NOW.      Now, where would a book go??      I thinks to myself.     Myself answers; Oh, I don’t know. A Bookshelf perhaps??    (affiliate link)   Maybe the one which is only about 10 feet away???

slob, bookshelf

So, took care of that.      Making sure I carried my phone to count my steps!

Sandwiches, glass, and pot holder flew into the kitchen.       Well, as fast as my 2 fat feet can go anyway.

slob, stuff to kitchen

Girl’s toothbrush was a Duh!

The stickers were another Duh!       Girls’ (messy) craft area.      That needs attention sooner than later!!

slob, messy craft space

Hey, those 2 boxes are not the girls!       Pop!!    Move your stuff please!!

Now if only I could do something with those charger cords…

The buffet would be a logical place.   

slob, buffet messyOh no!!      More work!!

Dilemma: do I leave the cords on the table, or do I put away the laundry??

Neither!      I blog about it all!


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