Thanksgiving Thoughts

This year:

in case you didn’t know!   Yes, American Thanksgiving.     Carmen, in Canada, already had hers.

I wanna talk about some people, and things I’m grateful for.      People first always!

God is always #1!!    Without His love sending Jesus Christ as a baby to be born, grow, then die on the cross for my sins, there would be no good ending to my life.  As it stands, I have life eternal!!

John 3:16


family, treasure


My friends!    help from friends











Warm house, nice vehicle, clothes, blah, blah, blah.     All that stuff that I usually take for granted.      Those poor people out in CA, suffering the horrible fires, don’t even have houses anymore.  Some have lost family members, and pets.      This year, I pledge to be more thankful for ALL I have, everyday, not just once a year.    

thankful for home

The cats are for Roxie, who writes at Ethel’s blog; Around ZuZu’s Barn.    (BTW, I happen to be the President of Roxie’s fan club.      Stop by her site, and say I sent ya!)      And for Dolly, my favorite feline person.   And Kristy, the Cat Mother.

#5   Purple!!          color purple

I’ve always loved purple.   In my old age, I’m trying to learn to appreciate other colors.    So, now I also like lavender, aubergine, violet, plum, red-violet, blue-violet, mulberry, grape, and even magenta.        Shocker- teal!!     But the blue teal, not the ugly green teal!     <shudder>

teal color  Just in case you didn’t know there was a difference, like me!!


Okay, enough about me, for today!         What are you thankful for??

thankful for...



  1. Very lovely post Melinda! So much to be thankful for! God is good … all the time!!! Every day is a day to give thanks! We are so blessed!!!

    My heart goes out to those who suffer and are going through difficult times.

    How sweet of you to mention me! Our Thanksgiving comes early in October.

    Blessings my dear friend!

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