Winter Warmth

humor, slippers

Y’all, winter has come to the sunshine state!!  It got down to 50 one night, I think!!    We about froze to death!!

Happily, I was prepared for waking up, tho.

Ta-Da!       My winter warmth:

humor, thick robe

My warm, lavender, fuzzy Robe has served me faithfully for many years!     I can remember at least 5, since it was before PP was born, that I was wearing it even.

And no, I didn’t forget my piggies!!humor, slippers















At least they are really purple!!     My robe has faded over the years…  But I’ve never washed my Slippers!!      Could be why they stayed dark.    I have been know to sprinkle baking soda in them once or twice, tho!

We’ve tried over the years to get the girls to wear robes, or slippers.    A big ole Nope!!      So, we make sure they wear socks, and have fuzzy blankies on hand!       Lots of fuzzy blankies!      Somehow one, or 4!, always get misplaced.        Thankfully our house isn’t any bigger, we’d never find them!


  1. haha we just experienced our first “winter” storm. We had a whopping 0.4 inches and our high was 61. Talk about cold and wet!! Kiddo #2 doesn’t let me say it’s freezing unless it is under 50 – having lived in DC, she said we don’t understand cold. Silly girl!

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