Bubba’s Birthday

As you can guess, this post is for my Bubba, on the occasion of his birthday.     A very special one- his double nickels!!

Here’s his 53rd bd post:

And here’s his super big, black 50th party post!

Well, yeah, the post was partly about me, but it’s my blog!!     He’s only my little brother!

Here’s some funnies for ya, Bro.     (He’s quite the jokester!)

Take out the baby, insert Bro!

I love you Bubba!!


  1. Hi BBFFM,
    When I clicked, I didn’t know who Bubba was. I just knew I had to come to his party. That’s a nice sister writing this post and making him feel special on his birthday.

  2. 24 in Scrabble? He’ll take it! Sweet of u to post for his birthday. First time I read it I didn’t click the links to the precious birthdays….duh.

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