Porch Porpoise

No, there’s no porpoise on my porch! Well, unless you count the ones in the mermaid shows that the girls have been watching lately! 😉

But I have swept the floor, within the last 2 months!! Hurray!!

Here’s proof!



Okay, now I need to show proof that I actually did sweep! Besides the pic showing the broom, dustpan, and my feet, I mean. That pic does indeed show proof that the broom was in proximity of my body, and ready to sweep!!


See there?? I did sweep!! And a mighty fine job, you did too!!! Why, thank you! My pleasure!


Much better, huh?? Plenty of room for mermaids, (CC & PP) to swim in clean water with the porpoises!


  1. That tile on the floor would drive me nuts – I think it looks like a bunch of construction paper scattered around the floor. lol

    but once I look a little closer, I can see they are like terracotta tiles 🙂 kudos on sweeping! 🙂

    thanks for being so active on my page and youtube channel.
    -Crystal the Deslob Student

    1. It does to me too, Crystal!! Thanks!! I appreciate comments and all kudos!
      My pleasure!! I was glad I found you! You’re funny, and you’re fighting against your depression, and you’re cleaning up your house. WE are practically twins!
      Melinda the PurpleSlob

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