Timed-In, Timed-Out Two

slob, dried up dip

Here is the Part 1:

Timed-In Timed-Out

When we left the kitchen, I was showing you the containers I threw in the Sink, well the plastic ones.   (affiliate link)

slob, food containers  Don’t you like seeing ALL possible angles??      Apparently I do!      Gotta model those dishes!    (affiliate link)

slob, dishes in sink Right side of the sink.    Good thing it’s a double sink, huh?!

slob,dirty dishes on counterEven spread out onto the counter.   2 sides of sink weren’t enough!

Okay, here’s one luscious leftover: 

slob, tablespoon of dead dip
Not even 1/4th tablespoon!! How does this happen??

slob, dried up dip

Yum, huh?!?I don’t think I took any pix of the clean dishes!!     Bad blogger, Melinda!    You’re falling down on your job!       Since when it THAT anything new?

I did do some cleaning wiping out, well I was there tossing things.

slob, dirty door sillslob, clean door sill   Yay!!

slob, dirty shelf   See all the taco lettuce??  I did wipe it up, even tho I can’t prove it.     Y’all trust me, right??       She really does admit when she’s lying.     Ya can trust her on this one.

All the rotten lettuce was repurposed into garbage filler.      Sadly, after the zucchini had its photographic close-up, it got a close-up look at the Trash Bags‘s lining too.   (affiliate link)

All’s clean, that ends clean.     Whew!!     Glad that job’s done for the next 3 months!


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