Timed-In Timed-out

slob, dirty dishes

Okay, it was time.    Time to clean out the Refridge.   (Affiliate link)   Past time, really.

It was nasty!!

slob, full fridge  No need to make this pic bigger than necessary!!  You can see all the junk just fine!                  slob, top of fridge         Okay,well, you couldn’t see this side very well.

Then, of course I will have to spotlight the right side, bottom, as well.      Can’t have any photo envy going on.

slob, refridge

Then the bottom, right drawer:     slob, full drawer

slob, veggie drawer   Left, crisper drawer.   More rotting lettuce, I like to spread the rot around, carrots were still good, tho.   Onions made the cut, but the zucchini??      Sayonara!!

In case you didn’t get a good enough view, here’s a close up, for ya.     (I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!  says the zucchini.)

slob, rotting zucchini

Yeah, I removed the carrots first.      They already had their chance.    They were too stiff, couldn’t loosen up in front of the camera.

It was truly ridiculous, plus all the left overs, that were just stuck in there, willy nilly, totally useless.

I think those will have to wait till next time.     But here’s a shot of some of the Containers I threw in the sink, well, the plastic ones. (affiliate link)slob, food containers

While I was deleting the crisper drawer pic, I noticed: there were a few limes in there too.     That was before our limes ripened.  And ya know what??   3 weeks later, those self same limes are still there!!  Sleeping in Baby Bear’s bed!!

Look for Part 2, coming soon!!


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