Behind, But, but, but….

slob, cluttered floor

Yes, I know I’m a behind.     No, no!!     I mean I know I AM behind!      Terribly behind, on writing about all the past pix I have in Google photos.    I wanna say, but, but, but…                But really, what excuse do I have??

Besides Laziness??    Procrastination??      Plain doan wanna??     None!       So write already!

Yes, sir! Immediately sir! Ma’am.

Here’s the first set of old pix:      They are the second half of Porch Porpoise.

slob, cluttered floorslob, more cluttered floor

From Nov 15!!    See, I told you it was old!       Well, that’s only a month and a half, so really not all that old, considering who I am!

And frustratingly enough, I only took 1 clean pic of the same place.

Nothing unusual there!

slob, clean corner slob, swept clean

Oh well, you can trust me, that if I show 2 clean places, the 3rd got swept too.


SO, that’s 1 down, several more to go.    And they are really old!

Better get busy then!!



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