Hanukkah House

Hanukkah house

The girls wanted to do a gingerbread house.     But it was before Christmas.     Think I’m gonna spend ten bucks on one for them to mess????      Not I!     I’m a loving, indulgent Omie, but that’s too much money to just waste!

So, I was stumped.     How do I give them what they want, yet not just throw away money??

Publix to the rescue!!

They had Hanukkah houses!!  For only $4, instead of the 10 for the gb!      What???     That’s my price point, right there!!

Hanukkah house   Oops! Forgot to take a pic of the actual house!!    Well, it’s your standard Cookie Cutter suburban house.      (I crack myself up!)   affiliate link

They had a ball with 2 colors of icing, (whew!!), Yellow sugar, and several colors, (your choice of white and blue, or blue and white!) and kinds of sprinkles.

Hanukkah house decorated

end of decorated Hanukkah house

Aww, they even have a Menorah on the roof!      Where else would it be??    And a door there.

I love those girls!     So creative!          Even if they are also a little destructive…

hole in house

Courtesy of Hurricanes PP, and CC!     Quite a “bite” of damage there!    

I’m so hungry now, I could eat a house!


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