Library Lost

library card

We had gotten PP her own real library card, back when she was in a brick and mortar school, pre- home school.

library card     Cute, huh??     Just wish you could see that little cutie behind the scenes!

We only let her get 1 book, thankfully!!         Cuz you know what happened.      We promptly lost it.

sad face

For over 6 weeks!!

Happily, this library has already abolished late fees!!      Otherwise, PP would owe an arm, or a leg or two!

When Pop was purging the carport, on Jan. 3rd, he found it in a stack of mildewed books.   


trucks, library book

Thankfully, this one was laminated cardboard, not paper.       No mildew, yay!!


Now it’s back at the library, with all it’s other book brothers and sisters.



  1. I remember getting our girls their own library cards! Kiddo #2 could barely write her name and it is the card she still has! (she turns 30 in April) They always ask her if she wants a new one – nope, our girl likes the really old chewed on card!

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