Mar”b”leous Memes

marble meme

Mar”b”leous Memes!  What a cool name, huh?   Well, I think so, anyway!       I concur!

Uh, oh!  Now I gotta go find one with marbles in it!!     Have I lost mine??       Long ago, girlie!

dog meme

ground control meme

Us seniors get it!!

Go, Dad!

Mike Tyson meme  heh, heh, heh

Monday meme

moose meme

Did you know it, Dolly??

cat meme    Gingerbread cat, anyone?

frog meme








phone meme


And last but not least: the promised marble meme!

marble meme

Lol, how does Grumpy Cat know me??



  1. No, I didn’t know, my dearest purple person, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention! You live and learn…
    Thank you for the shout-out and for all the cats!
    P.S. If you find any marbles rolling around, those are mine.

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