Skipping, Scaping


Did I skip a 2018 in 2018 post in November??    AND October too???    

Apparently so.

Good grief!!    All my high flying plans, bit the dust!     At least I made it faithfully thru

Sept, before I failed to keep it up.     yay

Recap:  I started my chart on Dec 26, 2017, cuz I was so excited!   Pop and I finished our first chart on Aug 14.  Hurray!

For the rest of August, I filled out 316 squares, on chart #2.


Sept’s count : 259

200/ 2018

October’s haul was huge!! 



nourishingminimalism.comNov. was meager, only 50.     But it’s ok!    December was even worse!!   Only 2!   

But after 2018 for the first chart,


and 1343 for the second,

1300/2018 for a total of 3361 things purged for the year, I am ecstatic!!!

A fair chunk of that is papers burned, but it’s all fair Game!     (affiliate link)

All that matters is I got rid of junk last year!!

I’m proud of we!


2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post. 

I  dropped the No Spend.       No use!                                #1    #2     #3    #4      #5     #6     #7     #8    #9

#10 Skipping, Scaping


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