Dear, Dear Daughter

Happy Valentine's Birthday card

I love my girls!     I thank God for them ALL the time!   Today will be an ode to the oldest, hence the name DD1!      She’s #1 daughter, but only in birth order!     They are both #1 in my heart!


beating heart gif

She was my first baby , and boy did she consume my world!      I breastfed, and I didn’t want to share her with anyone!     Of course, Grandmama made me share, since it was her first grandbaby!!

DD1 was born on Valentine’s Day, so calling her our love baby was sweetly appropriate!

Happy Valentine's Birthday card
Blue Mountain

Grandmama always gets her a special Valentine’s Day Happy Birthday  card at Hallmark.  (affiliate link)

This is my birthday card for this year!    I love you DD1!



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