Jim Jam

coffee cup

I went into my bathroom, and what did I see??

little heart jammie string  A little heart looking back at me!

Aww, I love you too, my jammies!!

(What are the chances of them falling just like that??       I promise, I didn’t do it!)

bigger heart

I love you more than a cup of Coffee !       (affiliate link)

coffee cup    Hey, that’s not very much, considering you hate coffee!!

Oh yeah, that’s true.      Ok, I love my jammies more than a steaming hot cup of cocoa!        But without marshmallows, cuz marshmallows.

But, you my jammies, are even better than a cup of cocoa, since that only warms my tummy for a few minutes, then the warm glow fades away.       But you!     You stay with me for hours, nay, even days!!  Wrapping my heinie in warm comfort, that doesn’t fade until I peel you off reluctantly, and drop you in the floor.    (affiliate link)

Yet, even then you don’t abandon me, sending much love…

sideways heart



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