‘Mantic Memes

meat for Valentine's meme

That’s as in RO, yo.

Ok, I’m done. That’s all I got for ya!

No, seriously, since it will be Valentine’s Day soon,  I know you hate math, and all, but can’t ya even strain your brain a little, enough to count to 14???   Alright, yes, since it will be Valentine’s Day, in 3 more days, (there,happy now??) I feel like I should have a love theme going on.

We’ll see what I can dig up.

Planning Vday crafts memehusband chose tile meme


sub for love meme

Uh, well in my defense, it has the word “love” in it!


pregnancy confirmed meme

I can’t think of anything more romantic than a new baby!!

relationship with seeds memelisten to wife meme    Yup!

meat for Valentine's memelove & money meme

do anything meme    Now that’s romantic, right???     Killing dragons for his lady?     Or is it the washing dishes part that is more ‘mantic??

And last but not least, a real belly laugh;

lonely sox meme

What’s more romantic than a lonely hearts sox club??



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