Medicinal Mess

yucky bag

My household loves to stash stuff in Bags.  Thankfully, most of the time, they’re usable ones.

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Take this one for example.

medicine in bag   I think this was when we were packing up to leave Joy House, to move to Peaceful, since there are more bottles of Medicine under there.    Not sure what the green thing is.  But it’s not an integral part of this post, so I ain’t gonna spend brain cells on it right now.  (affiliate link)

The main point is, the mess left behind when medicine bottles leak!

yucky bag

Yucky!  And it had sat there awhile.    So, it had really soaked in.

I knew it needed to be washed.     But honestly, I can’t remember if it ever was, or not.    To be totally honest, we had so many purple ones, that it probably got thrown away.    GASP!

I can’t believe my ears!    You purposefully trashed a purple item???

Yeah, I’m thinking Auntie Laziness took over, and it just was easier to trash it.   (Link to Dolly’s blog.)

Forgive me planet, for killing you.   I promise I’ll work on doing better!   



  1. Hi Lucy
    Nice post. My medicines, and food run out into my handbags and then it is a colossal mess.
    Why did you trash those purple bags, Lucy? They might come back to haunt.

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