Memorable Memes

I shall cat meme

Are all your memes memorable, Melinda??      Only the ones that make me belly laugh!

30 books MK memebody factory settings memeboot memeburglars memebuttload Cheerios meme

Someone commented, “That’s a buttload of Lucky Charms!”     I couldn’t help it!     The lepruchaun made me say it!

by the truth meme

Nuff said.

cake meme

You’re guaranteed to like it like that!!

card stolen meme


I shall cat meme
Here’s a kitty for you, Dolly! And Kristy! And Sherri!
cat, dog meme
And a dog for Willow, Michelle, Shirley, and the doggy people.
catch breathing meme
I stare at bodies in real life too, for the same reason!
Christmas cleaning meme

Hope you had a memorable belly laugh Monday!



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