Michelle’s Motivation

toddler bed set

You know Michelle, my sis, right?     She loves to shop sales, and man! can that girl sniff out the sales!!       She don’t even get out of bed for less than 50% off!

Michelle's donations Michelle's donations

And generous!!      She loves to give!      All these pix are from one of her donations last summer, that I forgot to post about.       That seems to happen a lot!

Michelle's donations

See that thing behind the Guitar Hero ?  The yellow and orange thing?     In the bag?? (affiliate link)

It’s a giraffe, which you know Mama loves.        I did mention that, right? 

Yes, I did, in

Habitat Homework

I thought I remembered that I had.         Congrats!        You remembered something!

So anyway, since it’s a giraffe, Michelle had to kinda sneak it past Mama.     Cuz Mama can sniff out giraffes, even if they’re not at her house!

And the Paw Patrol Toddler Bedding Set made some little kid’s day, I’m sure!  (affiliate link)

toddler bed set      Michelle donated all this stuff to the Fl Baptist Children’s Home.         (Which they could probably read for themselves from the box in the first picture.     Picky, picky!)

One more pic,Michelle's donations

Those are boot trays.      Not sure how handy they are in FL, but hey, we do have lots of rain here!         And some people do wear Rain Boots         So, they are very handy!!      (Affiliate link)

I want to claim that it was me who taught her how to be generous, but it was really God, and the Scriptures.

But rather give alms of such things as you have;

And she does!

I love that girl, and her generosity!



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