Nasty Noise

battery clock

Hum goes the fish tank filter.     Burble goes the water.

fish tanks

Buzz go the florescent bulb Grow Light. (affiliate link

grow light

And the kitchen light too.

kitchen light

The refridge motor whirrs.

The A/C right outside my patio doors whines.

Tick tock goes the Clock.   (affiliate link)battery clock

Too much noise!       

Think I’ll lose my mind.  

Where are some ear plugs when I need them??!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Lucy. It has been ” out of sight, out of mind” for me for sometime, I am afraid, Lucy and I am glad you remembered me.
    I hate continuous noises but no noise would bother me too. Dripping tap water- the motor running continuously etc.., all irritating noises.

  2. OMG I was feeling the same way one day while I was sick. It was like my sense of hearing was on hyperoverdrive and I was hearing all the slight noises at a very high level.

  3. Noise everywhere…that incessant hum can drive anyone nuts. Nothing like the sweet sound of silence, right, but so hard to find…sigh. Hugs, Melinda. Great to visit you here again, sending lots of love in whispers 🙂 <3 xoxo

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