Nord & Nora

Nord Norwex

It’s time we check in with Nord Norwex, and Norma Norwex, not related.

Nord Norwex    Norma Norwex

They are so in love!!    Starting to talk about a life together, their wedding, then honeymoon plans….

Nord & Norma in love

And yes, I force her to take a scalding hot shower, after every date, even though they do Duggar dating rules, well, except for the hugs.  (affiliate link)

So, they are just happily living their lives, planning the future, until suddenly Nord got called home for a family emergency.   And he asked Norma to keep an eye on his house, and pet Snake.   To which she happily agreed.  (affiliate link)

Well, the friendly, ha, neighborhood morality policewoman, AKA the neighborhood gossip, didn’t like it that Norma was over at Nord’s all the time.   She thought it was highly inappropriate for a single woman to be constantly at a single man’s house.   She cared not that said single man was out of state at the time.   So, she kept a harpie eye out, oh I meant a sharp eye out on the situation.

Then when the family emergency was taken care of, (everybody’s fine btw), Nord was anxious to come home, and hug his beloved.    Not kiss her, tho, per Duggar rules, no kiss until the wedding day.

And as it happened, you knew it would, harpie, I mean sharp eye saw him return and go in the house. While Norma was in there feeding the snake.

And she didn’t immediately come out.     GASP

Sharp eye clutched her pearls, and after 5 minutes called the morality SWAT team, to extract Norma from the clutches of that obvious masher.

In the melee, Nord’s house was broken into,

Nord's broken house

and both of them hauled out in handcuffs.    Their protestations of innocence fell on deaf ears.  They had to go down to the station, where the sergeant would sort things out.

This made the harpie so mad!!    She got cut out of the final scene!    And she was the one to call them in the first place!     Surely they needed her as a witness!       The SWAT team thanked for her prompt action in calling them, but assured her she wasn’t needed just yet.    But if the case went to court, she would definitely be called as a material witness.     She had to be satisfied with that.

Nord was released on his own recognizance, since he had a steady job.    Poor Norma was jobless, cuz I fired her.    I just couldn’t stomach using a dish brush that hugged a toilet brush!  YUCK!!     And who can blame me??     I might be a slob, but I’m not that nasty!!      That would be like washing your dishes in the toilet!   

cleaning toilet


As a result, poor Norma was sent away to a work camp for unemployed dish brushes, and forbidden to contact Nord again.

They were both heartbroken.     Their lives were shattered.      And harpie lived out her life, well satisfied with herself, clutching her pearls, and destroying perfectly innocent lives whenever she got the chance.


A Norwex post.

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