Dead Desk

dead desk

Now that you know about the moving.  Whew!   That was a relief to finally get that off my mind!

I can tell you one of the sad stories that resulted from it.

Do you remember my big, ole Desk ?  (affiliate link)

Well, apparently, I never took a pic of it.        Anyway, suffice it to say, it was a huge thing, with a Hutch on top.      And heavy.    (affiliate link)

When we moved out of Peaceful, the guys put the hutch out by the road.     It was just too big and bulky to take.

When we got to the new place, unloading the desk, it just collapsed. 

dead desk

So, it was respectfully placed by the side of the road.     Have you ever had a piece of furniture commit suicide, because it was so angry at being moved AGAIN??

Maybe it was just sick, AND tired…


  1. I have several dressers here that will not make another move. We’ll just trash them instead of trying to move them. They’re being held together by wishes and prayers, and that’s about it. So yeah, I’ve had furniture do the same as your desk.

  2. Hi BBFFM,
    I’m sorry your desk collapsed during your move. At least you turned lemons into lemonade and wrote a blog post about it.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too! I’m having a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Party this weekend starting tomorrow. I hope you’ll come even though there will be plenty of green and not a lot of purple, your favorite color.
    Congratulations on moving into a new place.
    Your BBFFJ

  3. Ladies, do you all have a kind of a neighborhood exchange site like we do, where you can post things you want to give away instead of trashing them?
    And yes, Melinda, I still have my mother’s old piano that I take with me anywhere I move, no matter how much the movers curse me in several languages. It’s an upright and it’s HUGE, but it has the sound of a grand piano, and I love it.

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