Meds Mess

Jan. and Feb. were months from hell.     We moved here to Tinkerbelle town, Jan 12th.     I thought I had called in my prescription of Abilify, but my Phone number had changed, yes again, And I didn’t remember that I hadn’t given it to the pharmacist.   (affiliate link)   Anyway, the empty bottle was on my nightstand.  (affiliate link)  And DH, and XH packed up the bedroom. Naturally, they threw away the empty bottle. Who wouldn’t??

So, the rest of Jan, and nearly all of Feb, I was in bed.    Unable to move.     Not showering.   (17 days between showers to be exact.   And the day I showered was only because I had to go to the primary Dr.)   Eating breakfast in bed, lying on my stomach, cuz I.just.couldn’t.    Thank God for a wonderful DH!!       DD1 was supportive as well.      She kept asking if I was taking my medicine, and I kept saying yeah, cuz I was taking all I had.    I put them in weekly boxes.    So, since I was taking 1 from each bottle, I WAS taking my meds.     Just not realizing one bottle was missing.     The girls were so sweet, coming to check on me, giving me hugs, and kisses.     Telling me they love me.     <3

As I lay in bed suffering, I was crying, and hiding my head.     I couldn’t figure out why I was lower than a snake’s belly.    I couldn’t even read my Scriptures, or pray to God.

I did manage to drag myself outta bed long enough to keep up the blog.     I really think without that, it would have been worse.     But you sweet readers help motivate me.     I don’t want to let you down!       I love ya each one, even you that I don’t know by name.

So, now mid-March, I’m back on ALL my meds and the world is no longer all black.    I can see a little light  around the edges.


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