Tell Tale Tinkerbelle Tail

Tinkerbelle, our dog

You might have noticed, in Jim Jam, that the bathroom floor was not the pink Tiles, previously shown, in Peaceful.   (affiliate link)

Well, hard to say this, and it was even harder to do, we moved again.  (Ducking from the expected rotten tomatoes.)

I know, I know, it had only been 4 months, since we moved from Joy House.

But, DD1 convinced me that the girls needed a dog.    WHAT???     You hate dogs!    Except Emily, remember!

I know!  Which makes it all the more unbelievable that I agreed to it!    Anything for my babies!!    One of the arguments put forth was that pets calm people down, and boy, are these girls hyper sometimes!!      Now, Melinda, it’s called highly active these days!    

Another was that pets help kids learn empathy.

And responsibility.

People with pets live longer.

After all that, how could I NOT want a dog!

(Also, we got a place that was $200 cheaper!    You know DH was ALL over that!!  Just further away from home, i.e Plant City.)

So, here we are with a dog.

Meet Tinkerbelle.

Tinkerbelle, our dog     For some reason, the lighting is really bad! She’s an all black Lab.     Some people have said there is pit mix in there somewhere.    But when I looked in her face, she didn’t have that square, scary “Pit bull” face.    Her eyes are a pretty gold.

We got her at the SPCA, and she was the 2nd dog we met!     PP bonded with her right away, and after a few minutes, was hugging her, and telling her “I love you!”     DD1 and I knew right then, that she was the dog for us.    Tinkerbelle might even survive if we can keep ChunkChunk from sitting on her!!     She’s loving her to death!

Tinkerbelle’s wearing “The Cone of Shame” because she was spayed only 2 days before we got her.    Poor Tinkerbelle!     Yay us!!      Puppies are adorable, but then they grow up, and you’re stuck with them until you find homes!      No, thank you!!

So, we have a 6 month lease here, and come “he- double hockey sticks” or high water, we are gonna finish this lease!!

I know better than to think we will stay here longer than that!



  1. Beautiful dog, and lots of fun and pleasure for kids! Congratulations!
    I am not even mentioning the move (I feel for you, dear Purple Person!), other than to wish you good luck and happy times in your new dwelling, however temporary it might be.

    1. Thanks, Dolly. Yep, they enjoy her. But bad news to come on that…
      Thank you!! Temporary seems to be our middle name. Purple “Temporary” Slobs. I just wish the slobbery was temporary as our houses!

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