Tinkerbelle Tale

Tinkerbelle, our dog

Poor Tinkerbelle.   

Tinkerbelle, our dog

Really, it’s poor us!     Confused yet??    Ok, let me try to tell the story in order.  Sometimes hard for me, what with my scrambled eggs, and all.    I mean my scrambled brains!

We got Tinkerbelle when we moved here to Tinkerbelle Town.     Which we moved to, in order to get the dog.    Our last landlady would not let us have a dog, so moving it was.

And I put up a valiant effort to like TB.   I petted her.   I let her lay on my feet.     I even refilled her Water bowl a few times.    I really did my utmost.     (affiliate link)

But when she put her teeth on ChuckChunk’s hand, I wanted to murder her!!     Even though she didn’t even break the skin, from that moment on, she was persona non grata with me.     Canine non grata??

DD1 explained that she didn’t hurt the baby, she was just warning her to quit whatever she was doing, cuz dog didn’t like it.     I didn’t care, my efforts to like her blew up like the anger in my heart!

Then she did it to me!    While I was petting her!    I was so terrified I burst into tears.   Nope, nope, can’t stand it anymore!     After that, I actively avoided it.

A few days later, the dog scratched PP, from her chin down to her waist.     Didn’t draw blood, but broke the skin.     While PP was balled up on the floor, screaming, it stood over her, growling.    You never saw me move so fast!!     My feet practically didn’t touch the Floor, as I flew across the room, and got that demon dog off my baby girl.    NOPE NOPE NOPE!!    (affilate link)

Not having Cujo around my girls.     DD1 conceded that TB had to go.     The night before her exit, she was up in DD1’s face growling.   At that point, even she was afraid she was gonna get bit.      Where did that sweet dog go, that she was at first???  So friendly?

DD1 reminded me that when we first got her, she was on pain meds for her spay surgery.    Oh, so nice dog was all drugged up??     And mean dog was her real personality??

So glad we got rid of her before I had to take her out.   That wouldn’t have gone well for her, or me.

Back to the pound for you, Killer.


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