Toy Toss

jumble of toys

Okay, sick of all the mess, in the living room.

So, we had gathered all most some of the toys.

jumble of toys

Yeah, there are toys in there, but I see lots of Paper mess too.  (affiliate link)

So, we weeded thru, and removed all the actual toys.

This left all the giblets of paper, etc.paper junk







Just junk.  That I want to get rid of.        But not the Basket, of course!  (Affiliate Iink)

box of giblets

So, dumped it in the box, to trash it.  Yes, I see a few more toys jumped in there.    Don’t worry!    We rescued them before the box went out to the great trash can in the sky carport.

Ah!      The living room is a tiny bit better now!



  1. I totally know what kind of toys boxes those are! I had them as a kid (full of paper, junk and odds, and ends) and I shake my head as I help my kids clean out their jumbled up toy boxes full of the same sorts of randomness. Keep up the good work! I’ll try to visit more often. 🙂

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