Desk Doings

coloring page

The right hand corner of my desk was, ahem, a mess, to say the least!

messy desk.   See?

I finally decided something needed to be done!       Other than ignore it, per standard protocol??

Yes, Sassy!          Other than that.

Folded grocery bag, and get this: I put it away!!         *GASP*     Proud of you!  

Recycled the whole huge stack of coupons.       Put the old phone away in DH’s drawer, until we activate it.       I know you can’t see it, but it’s there!

See the edge of that teal patterned book??    I tore out the 1 page I wanted to color, and put the book in donate box.coloring pageThe rest of the pix were too complicated for my simple tastes!     I don’t like micro patterns!

Now look: looks so much better!

mess less desk.    Mess less desk!



  1. that is awesome! I love how you have a running commentary of all the items you went through and what you did with them – it was almost like watching a video of your progress because you described it so well. 🙂 Good job Melinda! (:

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