Fruity Friday Frou Frou

dragon fruit

So here it is Friday again!!   YAY!!     Another fruity Friday to savor!  

This time it’s REALLY exotic!…..       Wait for it……

dragon fruit

What is that???         Dragon fruit!        I know Carol from Carolcooks2 has them in Thailand.

Except hers are pretty pink!   Go see!  (link above.)

DD1 bought them at the store, after she was given one of the plants at the nursery she volunteers for.

Star fruit -yes!        Seen it before, eaten it before, yum!     Dragon fruit???    Not so much!       But since it has fruit in its name, I was willing to at least sample it!

Okay, here it is:

dragon fruit cut updragon fruit rind.     Yeah, lookit all those little seeds!     The texture is like gelatin, encasing lots of poppy seeds.      Vaguely grape like flavor.

Won’t ever be a favorite, I don’t think.     But very interesting to try!!     

me eating dragon fruit

Can’t say I’m a chicken about trying new things!!

But I draw the line at meal worms!!!



  1. that is so strange looking! I don’t think I’ve tried it before. On a scale from one to ten, how did you like it?

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