Fruity Friday


My friend Carol, from CarolCooks2  does Fruity Fridays, so I thought I’d do one too.      Nothing I like better than a good stealing of someone else’s blog ideas!  Haha

So, buckle up, here we go!!    My fruity Friday isn’t as exotic as hers, but maybe it is to you!

I now introduce to you: The Carumbola!

carumbola! It might not look so appealing with the brown spots, but I waited a few days too late, to photograph it. oops!      You can see where it got its English name: Starfruit.     Carumbola is the Spanish name.

Believe me, it tasted good!!   I like to wait till it’s deep orange to eat it, cuz then it’s the sweetest.    But don’t wait even a day too late!  Like a banana, it can turn on ya quickly!

starfruit slices.   The top right one is the best.    The bottom, bright yella is too tart for my taste.  The middle one is ok, just not the best.

eating starfruitapproving starfruit

I love them!    Especially when they’re free!     DD1 volunteered at a nursery, and they gave her 3, to bring home.    Love it!

(Do ya love my spike??   That’s how I woke up that morning.   Brush?? Comb??      Nah, ain’t nobody got time for dat!)

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