Oopsie, I did it again.

our truck Lewis

Okay, this time really was NOT my fault!   I went to sleep, and woke up in my same bed, but in a completely different house!!    (affiliate link)   How did that happen??    Where am I??     And how did “they” move my bed without me waking up??  (Dream sequence)

Okay, alright, it really was my fault.    Ever since we moved to Tinkerbelle town,

Tinkerbelle, our dog.   and I was so depressed, I’ve been campaigning to move again.      (I’m calling it Tinkerbelle town, and that’s my story.  And I’m sticking to it.)

I HATED being here in Tinkerbelle town,  and everyone knew it.    I think even the girls figured it out.   Probably from me saying, “I don’t like it here in TB town. I wanna move back home!”   Maybe I said “HATE”, there is that possibility.

(Home being Plant City, in case you’ve forgotten.     Who could, with the way you’re always reminding us??)

Anyways, {side eye at self}, Ever since I climbed outta my depression, thank you Dr. Natalie!!, I’ve been trolling the web, for places in PC.    (I didn’t realize what I was doing, till DD1 told me.    I mean, I knew what I was doing of course, I just didn’t realize it was called trolling.    Whatev.)

So, at least DH agreed with me this time, that we needed to move back home.  To P We got it!!

He didn’t like TB town anymore than I did.    And the gas was eating us alive!    Good thing we had a compact car now!    (Oh, did I forget to mention we got rid of Lewis? 

our truck LewisPlease don’t mention it either.   It makes DH’s eyes well up every time.   He loved that truck.    But the payments were eating us alive twice as fast as the gas was now, here in TB town.)

So, finally we found a place that was very close to home, but still in our same county.    Which satisfied DH, and me, and pleased DD1 as well.    How often does THAT happen??    And the girls are thrilled, cuz there’s a Pool !   (affiliate link)   We haven’t had a real, honest to goodness pool, since Joy House!     The little one at Peaceful didn’t count apparently, since it was only big enough for those 2.

But, they turned us down, so here we stay in Tinkerbelle Town.   (Did I tell you CC called her “Ting-a-belle”??  So cute!)

So, like I said in tell-tale-tinkerbelle/   we will finish this lease, come “he-double hockey sticks” or high water.    Despite myself.



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