Refridge Rescue

top of fridge

Ok, so the top of my refridge was pretty, umm, shall we say A big mess!

It was ready for a rescue!       PurpleSlob to the rescue!!     (In other news, I need a super hero name for when I’m cleaning and decluttering!!    PurpleSlob just doesn’t fit in those instances!) 

top of fridgeright side refridge topback , top of refridge

See what I mean??     I wasn’t kiddin!

Now I see that it also needed dusting, but that didn’t happen!!    One thing at a time, zippy!!

I can’t even remember what some of the stuff is, and I’d have to blow up the pix to 300x to figure it out!   😉

I do remember I threw away the plastic bags, yes, I know I should have recycled them, but the recycling pick up doesn’t take them.    And when we go to Publix, which does, I always forget to take them. So, after I’ve tied up about 5 crammed bags full, the rest get trashed.

And exactly why do I have plastic bags in the first place, when you know I have tons of reusable ones??     Because my dear friends, do you know how hard it is to change decades of habit??      I know, people say, “Just leave them in your car!”    But that still requires me to think!!     Remember that they are there, and actually get them out, and carry them into the store!

And my brain is too full of other stuff like: Did I take my meds this morning?   Did     PP take her meds?     Did everyone get breakfast?     Are we all dressed??    Did CC wash and flush after the last potty break??      Where are those pesky shoes??                 Did I give the girls enough hugs and kisses when I left??

What am I supposed to be doing again??

So, in light of all that, it’s just easier to recruit DD1 to go get the groceries!

What were we talking about again??      Yeah, groceries….    bags…..                                   brains……    refridge……   rescue….

Okay, here is the final pix of the decluttered fridge top.    Dust still included!

top fridge, empty

Butterfly art courtesy of CC!

I hope you enjoyed this journey thru my “in need of rescue” mind!!


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