Snottin and Sneezin

all clean

Can you guess what I spent my night doing??

Umm, maybe give us a clue??

tissues all overtissues on floor

Those are pretty clear hints alright!

Spent all night snotting, and sneezing, did ya??

Yeah, pretty miserable, actually.    I feel all stuffy, and yucky.

Even worse, I became a mouth breather!!           NOOOOOO!                                Not a mouth breather!!

But, at least I cleaned up my mess when I got up dragged myself up looking like death warmed over.


half cleaned up

Oops, I mean, See??

all clean

I cleaned up the dirty tissues, what else do you expect from me??      I am sick!       ~whine~

Hope you feel better soon!!         Thanks, I hope we do too!!



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