So Slobby

laundry loveseat

Another golden oldie.

My nice, neat house, which was Christmas party ready 1 short week ago, (actually 9 days ago, but who’s counting?)

So Slobby

laundry loveseatkitchen counter

I wrote all that before my sweet friend came over with his tablet and let me take the pix, and emailed them to me.  I’m so dramatic!  But that’s why you love me so.

PS: Amazon has kicked me out of the affiliate program, so no more shopping money for me.

🙁   I didn’t have enough sales, or something…   Whatever….

I only earned $5, so I think I can manage with out.


    1. So true, Kristy! You should! Go to the Amazon page, and go to the top, and there is an Associates part or tab, click on it, and do what it says. It was really easy to sign up. The hard part is getting enough sales to qualify! Then, you have links embedded in your posts. That part is fairly easy too. I will help you all that I can.

  1. I hate feeling like a sell-out – so I totally understand why you weren’t doing it for the money.
    Kudos to you about being Christmas Party ready – in April? lol

    Where’s a picture of that?

    I should send you a camera… when I when the lottery, that’ll be the 1st thing I buy.

    1. Crystal, exactly!! I don’t want to lose the pure joy of blogging, and making my home better. As slow as the progress is!
      This is an old post, that was written in Dec! lol I’m posting old posts, every other day.
      Yay! I’ll be looking for it in the mail, as soon as I see your video about winning! lol

  2. Lucy,
    How are you feeling?
    These sites that say they will pay almost always want a pound of flesh in return- nothing comes free in the world, it seems.
    Never you mind, Lucy.
    Hope you are feeling better.

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