Boxed Bandaids

box of meds

Well, what have we here?      It looks like another box of meds.      And so it is!

box of meds.     Lots of meds!!     No wonder we can’t find ’em when we need ’em!    They’re in a box somewhere!!

Let’s see what is in here.

expired meds

The all important:

bandaids. Band aids!      But not just band aids: Bubble Guppies band aids!

The most important part of any children’s first aid kit in the whole US!      And they HAVE to be character ones, of course!

And of course, the unseen staple:  Mommy or Daddy’s, Or Omie and Pop’s kisses!!

Sadly, here are all the expired ones.    expired meds.       🙁

Question:  Do I count every vial in that box separately??


But at least we have these!!

all left of meds

10 items gone, if I count the box as one.  Now we can recycle the box too!!     Makes it an odd 11!!



  1. Are you still unpacking? Or is this another round of decluttering? You should see our box of meds – I’m sure it’s full of stuff from the 1970s – we only ever use paracetamol and that is only in a blue moon and we don’t keep it in the meds box! I think I need to take it all to a pharmacy and let them dispose of it.

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