Fruity Friday Four

purple grapes

Warning: Don’t click on any blue links.   I have something on my computer.    Trying to  get rid of it.     Sorry!


Since I don’t have any more exotic fruits to talk about, I thought I’d post about grapes.    Good ole regular, purple grapes.

purple grapes

But what about the other grapes?      Don’t discriminate, now!           Oh, fine!

varieties of grapes

 Happy now??

But, most of you are quite familiar with them, so maybe they don’t need a whole post about ’em.

Bananas?  bananas

But, did you know there are other varieties of bananas??        Oh right,   Carol did post about that.

Here’s a pic.

banana varieties  Pretty, aren’t they??          I’ve never had any other kind, except the miniature ones, so can’t post about that.

Apples??     There are tons of varieties of these!

varieties of apples

But no.    Probably the joke would go stale after a minute.      Oldy and moldy.              So, I guess I won’t, and just say I did.   

All good with y’all??         Trust me, if I get my hands on some more exotic fruits, you’ll be the first to know!!      Well, second.       After the cashier!    😉


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