Lofty Luffa

luffa gourd

My favorite retired/ not really, person, Carol from CarolCooks2 introduced me to luffa plants.

Not sure if the loofah is a fruit or not, but they are an unusual plant.

I always thought loofahs were sea sponges!    I really did!    Till she explained it to me!     Thanks, Carol!!

Anyway, so DD1 volunteered at a nursery, Sow Exotic, and was given some luffa babies.     And lazy me, didn’t take pix of the pretty yellow flowers.    But here’s the gourd!

luffa gourd.    Not sure if this is already too big to cook with.       Carol can tell me!

I’ll check in with you when we make the loofah!!

Just in case you’re wondering, yes that is a piece of an old baby gate!



  1. If you wish to eat them then they must be picked when they are gherkin size or no more than 4 inches in length as once the fibres inside toughen then they can longer be eaten.
    They can be sliced finely and added to salad dishes or hot can be used as a substitute for squash or eggplant. A fascinating plant but they grow like weeds and will climb anything mine have taken over the jungle the other side of my garden wall 🙂

  2. Thanks for this informative post! I didn’t know luffas were edible, thought they were for scrubbing skin to exfoliate. Now I know! 🙂


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